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Dec 05, 2010
Hijacker 0.2

After some busy weeks I finally found some time to do a major rewrite of Hijacker, fixing some nasty bugs with 1.8.7, cleaning and refactoring the code and making it more robust in a number of ways.

The main enhancement is that now you can use your own handlers from your project and home directories! It's easy peasy. You just write a ruby file defining your handler, put in one of these paths:


...and it will be automatically loaded by hijacker, allowing you to start the server with your handler like this:

$ hijacker my_handler --my-option --bla-bla

If you think your handler might be useful to others, please send me a pull request in the Github repo!

Other enhancements

There are some minor enhancements as well. For example, now blocks passed to hijacked objects are reported as arguments. So:


my_object.my_method(arg1, arg2) do
  # something

Will be reported as calling :my_method with arg1, arg2 and a Proc.

If the method raised something, it will be reported as well.


Now being the code cleaner and more organized, feel free to contribute if you find something missing (or if you know really well Rubinius and can easily figure out the metaprogramming issues preventing hijacker from working with it!)

Or maybe just file an issue :)